Why Should I Keep A Daily Sketchbook?

I’ve mentioned before that there are many benefits to drawing at least once every day, whether it be in a sketchbook or on various bits of paper its important to keep them together. In this post I’m going to be talking about having them in a book but many of my points can be applied to keeping them in a folder instead. It seems like a lot of effort but the rewards far outweigh the requirements.

The drawings need not be large or take much time. They can be whatever you want them to be since there is no brief unless you set one for yourself. Because of this the book can be a space for you to experiment with styles or content. You can play with ideas or concentrate on a single method to improve on.

The book becomes a record, when completed it contains the ideas and development of your skills over the time it was made as well as possibly recording the events that happened while you drew if you draw from life.

A sketchbook of daily drawings shows commitment not only to the book itself but to your art practice and its improvement. This means that it is often used within portfolios or spoken about at interviews for art programs if not shown because even the best tutors can’t teach you if you aren’t committed enough and such a book displaying that you can maintain the commitment can be a great sign.

For all my praising of the book I know that it is not for everyone, a sketchbook is different for everyone and while it may end up being unsuitable for you I fully encourage you to try it.


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